How We Are Different

We provide transparency in everything we do. Our fees are clearly defined for everyone to see. We use a consultative approach not a sales approach.Our strategy depends on the client's needs. We can make all investment choices together or like most of our clients, we can make all the investment decisions based on your objectives so you can focus on other things. Most importantly, we want expectations and objectives clearly defined.

One of the things we are most excited about is how we use technology to be better advisors but to also give the client an all around better client experience. For example, we use the latest financial planning software on the street and use that plan to build our investment strategy. We feel it is important for every client to have a plan in order to monitor progress and to monitor risk. When you don't have a good financial plan you usually take more risk then necessary or either too conservative. Either way, you do not meet your goals.

Being independent advisors, also allows us to keep fees low. Secondly, we are whole heartedly an open architecture group, meaning we find the appropriate investment vehicles to fill the need of the client and not what is suitable for the advisor. Often times, advisors feel the pressure from larger firms to sell proprietary products or structured products with large payouts. We have no proprietary products to sell.