Our Core Values

At Integrated Financial Group (IFG), we strive to uphold three core values in everything we do:


With something as personal and emotional as their finances, we understand that trust and transparency are essential for clients. Beyond clearly defining our fees, we use a consultative - not a sales - approach. As independent advisors, we are an open architecture group, meaning we find the most appropriate investment vehicles that fit the specific needs of a client. We are not tied to any proprietary products nor do we have quotas to meet. As an independent firm, we are solely focused on the client and only the client. We maintain a high level of ethical standards and our objectivity is never compromised.


Not only do we aim to perform well as a professional resource and advisor for our clients, but we also strive to ensure their portfolios perform well. We prioritize risk management, helping clients focus on their personal objectives rather than chase the markets. Our goal is to create strategies that provide risk management without giving up too much of the upside. By maintaining low portfolio volatility, we believe our clients are less likely to panic during a market dip or try to time the market in hopes of gaining large returns.


To build trusted, strong relationships, communication is key. Whether it’s during the early steps of our process or long after their strategies are implemented, we strive to stay in frequent contact with our clients throughout the year. From social media updates to email newsletters, we want to play an active role in our clients’ lives and know that we are thinking about their financial strategies even when they aren’t.