What We Offer

At WealthPoint, we offer our clients the ability to feel part of a team working together to strive for success. It is important that our clients realize that we take their financial matters very serious because we have seen what happens when life events happen and families are unprepared. That is why we put so much emphasis on simplifying and organizing our clients financial matters. We not only use cutting edge financial planning software but we also employ state-of-the-art software to store our clients' financial information, such as, outside accounts, insurance policies, Wills, etc. and it is all updated daily. However, the coolest part is that clients have access to all their data through a secure website that they can access from their mobile device, if they need it. 

When it comes to your investments, we use a repeatable process that probably sounds too simple but it works. Our goal is to spend time listening and setting goals with our new clients. Once we have come up with our goals and objectives, we use our time-tested methodology to "cherry pick" the appropriate investments for our clients given their objectives. Everything is built and customized "in-house." Just as important, we have a process that we use to monitor our investments and make necessary changes if need be. The final step is keeping our clients informed as to how we are doing in relation to our goals. 

We realize that we are not for everyone but for people that want help and want someone they can trust, we are here ready to help.